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Welcome to our Blog on Health Care Insurance

Welcome to HRB Solutions INC. blog.  This is the first in what we hope will be one of the key platforms we engage to inform our customers and those interested in Health Care about what is happening in the Health Care insurance industry. The health care environment is sometimes very difficult to navigate.  Through our brand-new website, our LinkedIn page, our Blog and other social media venues we hope to help you gain a better understanding of the insurance industry and how it impacts your role as an employer or employee.

Please check out our website in more detail.  We have outlined the services that we provide, the mainstream insurance packages we can assemble for your business and our amazing proprietary offerings.  What we hope that you will quickly see is that we will stand with you and help put in programs that will help set your organization apart from your competition, raise the benefits for your employees and keep your costs down.  Please check out our LinkedIn page and our other social media accounts.  We will engage these resources to help you stay better informed on your terms and where you spend your time.  We will only post when we have something to say that we feel will directly help raise your level of understanding or be of benefit to your business or your employees.

Welcome to the NEW! HRBSolutions blog and welcome to your home for increased understanding, lower costs and better health care coverage from here forward.  Thanks for taking the time to check in and we do hope you come back.

As always, contact us if you have a question, want a quote or have a specific topic you would like us to discuss.  We are in this together.


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