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Some Helpful Health Care Tips and Links

There is a lot of discussion out there right now about the Affordable Care Act and the current US Congress activity to repeal and replace the existing ACA.  As of this writing the ACA is still in effect and needs to be addressed and fully implemented within your organizations.  The US House of Representatives has passed an update to the bill and several Executive Orders have been made to pave the way for changes or full re-write of the law but the existing law is in place until the Senate passes their version and the two houses of cCongress come together and the President signs the bill into law.  You may recall this process from High School Civics or maybe School House Rock.

We wanted to provide you with a few links that may help you better understand the Law better and to keep up with the changing environment.  We have also compiled a chart to summarize what is needed and offer that at the end of the list. Please check out our resources page for more details


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