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National Group Health Alliance

Employer Health Pool Alliance

Finally, the health benefit solution employers and associations have been looking for!

Take advantage of a nationwide employer health pool that has been saving employers substantial premiums while keeping renewals at 5 to 6% annually. Join a nationwide network to see immediate savings and increased control over your employee’s health care.

Key Elements

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  • Our health care plans are able to service groups of all sizes exceeding 20+
  • Employers with a nationwide footprint will be able to take advantage of the same plans and rates across all 50 states.
  • Some of our health care plans feature options for an employer owned medical facility.
  • Other health care plans include personalized medical care for employees with a proactive wellness approach, RX dispensing, personal coaching, and holistic care.
  • The “Pool” offers accommodations which traditional carriers do not offer. These include elements that favor 1099 employees and the struggles of rate increases due to poor participation.
  • Our plans are great for associations, real estate companies and independent contractor entities.

Proprietary ProductsEquinox LogoEquinox  

The Equinox product is a level funded program. The program offers:

  • favorable pricing and renewal rate increase caps,
  • special underwriting provisions in regard to large claim pooling,
  • aggregate accommodation with a waiver of aggregate minimums,
  • Terminal Liability Option (TLO), and other favorable features not usually given to employers.

Each employer intends, but is not legally obligated, to participate for at least 3 years. The employer will establish a trust account and finance monthly payments into the trust. Read more…

Equinox Advantage LogoEquinox Advantage

The Equinox Advantage product is a traditional self-insured program. The mission of this program is to help employers succeed with self-funding, increase their purchasing power, and take back control from insurance companies. Read more…


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